Friday, September 25, 2015

{Everyday Life} September 2015

September has been nothing short of amazing.

First off was my road trip to Portland and Washington with a few side trips along the way. Celebrating Sandy and JR's wedding was definitely a highlight of the month. I also had the pleasure of having a sleepover with my nephew. So fun.
Next was a trail race I had a few days after getting back from Portland/Washington, which was awesome. It was a local, smaller race held up at Snowbird. The race was challenging as it went up and over two peaks and covered a lot of vertical gain. It was a great accomplishment.  
After saying goodbye to Heinz (he is working and playing in Kauai for the next few months) I stayed busy as ever while I had the pleasure of animal and house sitting for my girlfriend. What a fun time I had spending with these animals and they made for a great distraction with Heinz gone. 
I had a few hick-ups with my trail running as I pulled my groin and was on the verge of getting sick for a good 10 days but luckily that all passed. I did get out a few times and enjoyed the beauty of the leaves changing as well as a great run/hike up to Mt. Timpanogos.

This month has had it's ups and downs but all in all it's been packed with tons of fun and adventure.

Snake River, Twin Falls, ID

Shoshone Falls, ID

Deadman Pass, OR

Portland, OR

Me and Ari hanging out. I know I look like a creeper.

Bachlorette shindig

Coffee and pastries

Errands downtown Portland

More coffee

Freshly manicured and pedicured up. I know we're sexy.

Ariel, Washington

shrimp eating

Sandy and JR's wedding day.
The love of my life.
I know, we are so mature. Wouldn't want it any other way.

Trail racing (I got 5th overall in the women in this race - stoked).


Mira and Lolo

Getting some running in and checking out the fall color's. Millcreek Canyon.
On top of Timp.
Morning light peaking through the ridge on my way up to Mt. Timpanogos.

Color's everywhere on the Alpine Scenic Loop road.
Fall is here.

Off on new adventure's.

Happy Trekkin'!

{Hiking Utah} Mount Timpanogos

The first day of Fall (Wed. 9/23) on top of Mount Timpanogos, seem's fitting to me. This was my first time to the top of Timp this year. It's crazy because I sometimes think, oh I've done that hike before I need something new but on this day or any day you decide to hike, it is always new. Whether its the seasons changing, weather making things difficult, the time of day and so on, it is always new and Timp reminded me of this when I ran/hiked her this week. What an amazing feeling to see the tip of Timp peaking out just as I was arriving in the meadow of the Timpooneke trail. My headlamp blazing brightly and the outline of Timp vivid, even in the dark. I was literally giddy like a kid getting a present for no reason at all. Hiking on Timp really made me feel like me again. The mountains are my happy place.

I had the great honor of meeting Ben Woolsey on top of Timp when he was summiting his 743 time and he was planning on doing it again that same day. Two Timp summits in one day?! So awesome! Oh and did I mention that Ben is 72 about to turn 73 next month? Yeah, he's pretty much a badass in my eye's and it was so neat to finally meet him. Ben is a great example of not letting age hold him back. If you want to continue to do the things you love, then find a way and make it happen!  

The golden morning light was intense.
Me & Ben Woolsey (743rd summit)

Watching Ben as he flew down the mountain. This guys is unreal.
Some of the Fall color's I got to enjoy on the way down.
Shot's from the Alpine Loop Scenic road.
Hey, I was all the way up there. Happy Fall.

Happy Trekkin'!